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4-steps to help prepare your company for sale.

Your goal is for prospective buyers to appreciate all of the value that you created and to feel confident that they can grow your company without you.

Exit Planning Valuation Success Score

STEP #1: Take the ManageHub Success Score Assessment

The ManageHub Success Score is a first-of-its-kind Baldrige-based organizational assessment. It helps you measure the health of your business based on six holistic dimensions. It provides you with a comprehensive 25-page feedback report that identifies gaps and suggests action steps. Use the Success Score feedback report to help determine the value of your business from the point-of-view of potential buyers. Also, use the report to develop an improvement plan. Your objective is to fill any gaps that might reduce your selling price or cause buyers to demand deal-breaking terms.

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STEP #2: Join the Four-Part ManageHub Business Accelerator Program to Quickly Fill Any Identified Gaps

The ManageHub Business Accelerator program is an intensive 4-part on-demand video workshop series. It gives you the tools you need to quickly create and implement a prioritized improvement plan. The workshops help you build the organizational infrastructure prospective buyers need to be sure they are buying a solid and sustainable business that is worth the money they are paying. Your objective is for your buyers to be excited about the opportunity of purchasing your business.

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Exit Planning Accelerator

Exit Planning Software

STEP #3: Use ManageHub Software to "Package" Your Company Like a Gift for Your Prospective Buyers.

ManageHub is enterprise-class software that automates your company's management processes like your accounting software automates your bookkeeping processes. Use ManageHub to create a "living" operating manual that gives your prospective buyers assurance that they are buying a well documented, and easy to operate business. Use ManageHub to strengthen your negotiating position, justify your selling price, and avoid deal-breaking terms like unreasonably high escrows and long-term earn-outs.

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STEP #4: Engage a ManageHub Coach

Your ManageHub Coach provide you with the support you need to make rapid progress. They will help you interpret your 25-page Success Score feedback report and create a prioritized improvement plan. They will also guide you through the 4-part ManageHub Accelerator workshops that helps you fill identified gaps and prepare your business for sale. They can also help you avoid problems after the sale by providing your buyer with the support they need to transition into their new leadership position.

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