"We have demystified Baldrige by making it more accessible. Instead of discussing theory and learning technical terms, your team gets to work using Baldrige-based practices to achieve real goals. You learn the theory by living it. You engage more of your people earlier. You begin to experience the benefits first-hand. This gets everyone excited about pursing performance excellence, one process-team at a time."

DARCY DAVIDSMEYER, The Alliance for Performance Excellence, "Baldrige for Everyone" Project Manager

STEP #1: Assess Your Organization's Current Management Maturity

Start by taking the ManageHub Success Score survey. It is a detailed Baldrige-based organizational assessment. It helps you measure the health of your organization based on six Baldrige dimensions: Leadership, Strategy, Customers, Workforce, Operations, and Measurements.

The Success Score Assessment generates a 25 page report that identifies specific gaps that require your attention. Use your Success Score to help create a prioritized improvement plan. Also, use it to measure the impact of your improvement initiative over time.

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STEP #2: Build Your Baldrige-Based Leadership Framework

Next, create your organization's Baldrige-based Leadership Framework. It is the key to engaging your employees, documenting your critical operational knowledge, resolving recurring issues, minimizing waste, increasing quality, and achieving your goals.

ManageHub gives you the tools and training you need to quickly build your organization's Baldrige-based leadership framework. Our simple, step-by-step process helps you create a more systematic, sustainable, scalable, (and, even saleable) organization.

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STEP #3: Ongoing Accountability Coaching and Support

Maintain your momentum by engaging a ManageHub Coach who helps guides you (and your employees) through a step-by-step, Baldrige-based improvement initiative.

Baldrige-based transformation does not happen by itself. It needs a coach to guide, support, and hold employees accountable to achieving your organization's defined objectives. Your ManageHub Coach helps manage your Baldrige-based improvement initiative. They answer questions, encourage participation, and help create a self-sustaining culture of performance excellence.

STEP #4: Reassessment & Award

As your organization improves, your ManageHub Coach can use the Success Score to reassess your current level of Baldrige-based maturity.

The ManageHub Success Score was developed in collaboration with the Alliance for Performance Excellence (http://baldrigepe.org/alliance/). The Alliance is the outreach arm of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. As your organization improves, your ManageHub Coach can refer your organization to the appropriate Alliance or Baldrige Award cycles.

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